Appetizing ideas ...

  • Are you planning a surprise dinner for your sweetheart but you are not a cooking star?
  • Are you going to find Aunt Jeanne who loves cheese?
  • Your Step-mom celebrates her 60th birthday?

Don't panic, our products are here...

for nice gifts to give...

  • Are you organizing an event in the village and looking for a regional gift that will please your guests and VIPs?
  • Simply say thank you to your collaborators or your best customers?
Idées cadeaux

Don't worry anymore!

An extra solution that will delight all stomachs...

  • Cheese platters
  • Fondue mixes
  • 6 kinds of raclette

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oor by phone at +41 21 907 18 69

Material available

We are happy to lend you

  • 5 stoves
  • 5 fondue pots
  • 25 forks
  • 3 single raclette ovens

For a larger event, we can borrow more fondue pots from our suppliers.

Please book at +41 21 907 18 69